Payment Module
The Payment Module is aimed at providing an easy to understand and follow workflow solution for the complete payment process. 
This module does not intend to replace your current accounting system, but rather integrate with it so that you have more effective control over expenses with your current accounting package.



Features and benefits
•    Web Interface i.e. All payments are accessed and approved on the web from anywhere in the world
•    Access system from most smart phones and tablets
•    Approve Payments Before they Occur
•    Multiple Approval Levels
•    Request more information from the user before approval
•    See Live Budget Figures when approving transactions
•    Easy to use process flow from Purchase Order to a Payment.
•    Approve payments for multiple entities
•    Easily and quickly view the status of a Payment or Purchase Request.
•    View Payment documentation online.
•    Import payments directly into electronic banking platform
•    Import transactions directly into accounting system